The world’s leading and most trusted object management system for media.

DIVA Core, formely DIVArchive, is the brain of any DIVA system. It holds all memory of content location on any storage platform, including disk, tape, and cloud options. DIVA Core manages all requests for transfers or status reporting, as well as system resources. To ensure high availability of DIVA Core, order two.

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DIVA Connect, formerly DIVA Net, provides site awareness for any number of fully independent DIVA Core systems connected through wide-area networks. Whether it is located on-premise, as part of a private or public cloud, or any combination thereof. Key attributes of DIVA Connect include:

  • Connects multiple DIVA Core systems
  • Provides a federation layer for object management including global namespace
  • Supports high availability and disaster recovery workflows
  • Optimally enables content transfer over wide-area networks
  • Manages multi-site storage policies
  • Allows seamless content replication between sites
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DIVA Analytics, formerly DIVA Protect, collects quality and performance data in real time within the storage infrastructure and provides statistics regarding past and system  usage, helping to plan future system evolutions.

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DIVA View, formerly DIVAdirector, is your window into DIVA Core. It includes all linked systems via DIVA Connect, which gives you full control of the assets housed in DIVA Core via a web-based interface, so you can quickly locate, access, and manage media. Key attributes of DIVA View include:

  • Provides rich search capabilities for assets managed by DIVA Core and DIVA Connect
  • Generates time-code accurate proxies of high resolution assets for viewing, tagging, and lightweight editing
  • Supports time-code based partial restoration
  • Allows you to tag and edit rich metadata associated with your multimedia assets


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