The world’s leading and most trusted object management system for media.

DIVA Core is the #1 Content Storage Management application (CSM). It stores assets in content-aware objects and handles the storage of those objects through policies.


  • Policy-based asset movement
  • Read/write disk, tape, and optical mediums plus cloud-based and local object storage.
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DIVA Connect provides site awareness for any number of fully independent DIVA Core systems connected through WANs. Whether it is located on-premise, as part of a private or public cloud, or any combination thereof.


  • Sync mulitple data centers
  • Disaster recovery
  • Geographically dispersed
  • Global connectivity
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DIVA Analytics, formerly DIVA Protect, collects quality and performance data in real time within the storage infrastructure and provides statistics regarding past and system  usage, helping to plan future system evolutions.


  • Transforms huge amounts of raw data into actionable reports and dashboards
  • Tracks key business metrics, see longtime trends, identify outliers, and unearth hidden insights.
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DIVA View gives full control of assets housed in DIVA Core via a web-based interface. It’s familiar interface (browser-based UI) enables users to quickly locate, access, and manage media.


  • Group-based permissions
  • Proxy search
  • Partial file recall
  • Browser-based UI
  • Rich metadata capture
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Benefits of DIVA Software

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Lifecycle Media Asset Workflows

  • Optimize content storage and distribution through seamless integration with leading digital media technology
  • Maximize content value, facilitate advanced orchestration
  • Support use cases ranging from broadcasting, post-production to distribution and media asset archiving
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and Monetize Assets

  • Store media assets as objects with inline metadata capture
  • Enable users to search, discover, and monetize archived assets
  • Retrieve media assets fully or partially, saving operational time
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Across Teams & Systems

  • Manage and distribute content seamlessly between production and distribution sites around the globe
  • Form a globally distributed content storage repository
  • Increase efficiency and boost productivity
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Business Transformation

  • Manage vital media assets seamlessly between on-premise and cloud solutions
  • Analysis of current and historical asset movement to provide analytics and business intelligence
  • Focus on programs innovation and digital transformation rather than infrastructure management